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             David Ayman Shamma - effective userid
             CWI • Principal Research Scientist [OPTION]...
             Yahoo! Labs & Flickr • Director of Research [DEPRICATED]...
             Northwestern University • Graduate Student [DEPRICATED]...
             Currently I am at CWI as a Principal Investigator researching
             Internet of Things and Social Computing.
             I am the former director of  the HCI Research Group at Yahoo! Labs.  
             We investigate:
             --social computing   
                     how people connect with each other online  

             --personal behavior  
                     how people interact in their everyday contexts both online 
                     and offline

                     the relationship between people and the media they make

             I work for Kristian Hammond at the Intelligent Information
             Laboratory.  My research involves the creation of artistic
             agencies.  The approach is focused on three parts.

                     how artistic medium appears in-the-world 

                     bias for previous artistic choices

                     how medium and media appears in an installation

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